Essential Remote Work Tools

Unsure how to enable secure, effective remote work?

With remote work and hybrid (part-time remote) work becoming a norm in the business world, organizations need Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to help employees securely access information and collaborate from anywhere. With Digitech Systems’ ECM for remote work, you can:

  • Improve employee engagement

    Enables secure, simple, and speedy work from home or while traveling

  • Provide secure, effective tools for employees working anywhere

    Offers a features lineup that includes digitization, cloud-based information management, and process automation – three technologies essential for effective remote work

  • Save Money

    Improves process efficiency and manages remote teams and tasks more effectively

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How Digitech Systems helps with remote and hybrid work:

Remote work is here to stay. And if your organization is one of those struggling with how to enable effective and secure Work From Home and Work From Anywhere options, you’re on the right path by taking steps to learn how other companies are doing with our help.

ImageSilo® has revolutionized many of our customers’ ability to work from home. We are pleased that so many of them took the step into the digital world before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. It would have been impossible for most of them to continue business as usual without the help of Digitech Systems’ product suite.”

– Tsenre Deveraux, CFO and Director of Production.

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ImageSilo® has changed our whole environment so we don’t have the avalanche of paper everywhere anymore. Digitization has improved the accuracy of our financial records and is even helping enable remote work.”

– -Kelly Basham, AP Specialist.

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“Our customers and owners really appreciate ImageSilo®. The most common compliments we get are that it’s electronic, easy-to-access, and time-efficient...Business is operating at normal speed. It hasn’t hindered our processes in any way to have people working remotely".

– Bob Butterfield, Owner & President.

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Enable remote collaboration

Secure anytime access to information promotes information sharing

Easily access information

Find, deliver and share encrypted information from anywhere at any time

Free yourself from paper

Convert paper-based documents into electronic files that can be easily shared by employees

Safeguard access

Provide secure access to information from anywhere at any time on virtually any device

Save money

Streamline business processes by instantly routing information to the next process step

Make employees happier

Remote work capabilities are in demand among employees and job seekers

Your source for the best ECM tools for remote work!

The move toward remote work is part of the larger digital transformation that’s been taking place for years within companies. Since 1997, Digitech Systems has proudly led in the effort to provide fast, secure access to Any Document, Anywhere, Anytime®. Learn more about how our products enable secure effective remote work:


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